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Daylight (1996)

Daylight (1996) The Horse

Under Pressure

Rob Cohen
Leslie Bohem
Sylvester Stallone, Amy Brenneman, Viggo Mortensen, Sage Stallone, Dan Hedaya
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Daylight is essentially The Poseidon Adventure set in Holland Tunnel, New York. Not a bad thing. By which I mean it makes a good film premise (and Poseidon rocked). It’s a shitty situation to actually be in.

As for why the tunnel goes boom, who cares? It’s a 90s movie, so it has something to do with toxic waste. The environment was big in the 90s. It was the age of Captain Planet, barrels with the radiation sign on them, ozone depletion and acid rain.

All you need to know is a busy tunnel with tons of people in it makes like a Chinese finger-trap. Both ends collapse, everything that’s not on fire is flooded, and mofos are in PERIL. And when mofos are in peril, who you gonna call? In the 1990s you were spoiled for choice. In this case, it’s Sylvester Stallone who answers the phone.

Kit Latura is a badass, yes, but his approach to structural problem solving is questionable at best. Despite the fact everyone is in a collapsed underground tunnel with a river above it, Latura’s answer is invariably blowing shit up with dynamite. 1990s bitches, yeah!

This by-the-numbers disaster flick provides enough thrills and occasional tension without ever getting ideas above its station. It chugs along under the safe direction of Rob Cohen – who went on to make jillions with the Fast & Furious franchise.

Best viewed nostalgically – it’s very much a product of its time, by now predictable and replete with the tropes of its day. It also stars Stallone’s late son Sage, retrospectively adding a poignancy to their brief scenes together.

Younger kids might be bored, but if you tell them the Fast & Furious guy did it, they might think you’re a cool dad for wanting to watch a 90s Sly Stallone film on a rainy Sunday I dunno. If it’s not Quick & Angry enough for them, give them the iPad while you enjoy it with a beer.

Fun facts: Sly Stallone actually has claustrophobia. The wee lass

+ 🙂 Daylight
At one point Sly crawls through some humongous fans that probably have no reason to exist in the real world, but it’s pretty cool
+ 🙁 Nightlight
Physics goes out the window and there’s some utter fucking nonsense about “pressure” and its effects

Something’s come to rock me / And I can’t keep my head / I get nervous in the New York City streets / Where my legacy treads…

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