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Cutting Edge: The Dead Body Squad (2006)

Cutting Edge: The Dead Body Squad (2006) The Horse

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Zac Beattie
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 The Dead Body Squad
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Every day in the UK, 32 people die alone in their homes.

That’s 11,680 corpses every year.

What happens after the emergency services have left with the evidence?

The Dead Body Squad, a jaw-dropping stomach-churning documentary from Cutting Edge, provides the extraordinary answer to a unique question.

Unsurprisingly, the mess left after a death, be it natural or murder, doesn’t magically disappear. It’s dealt with by specialist deep cleaning companies; strange men with iron stomachs and gallows humour.

They clean up crusted blood, dispose of excrement and mop up other deposits of various organic origin – once the stuff of life, now so much grotesque detritus. The next occupants will never know they’re living in an ex-house of horror. But if walls could talk…

Despite the dark subject matter, this is compelling and unique film-making. Featuring interviews with neighbours (some of whom remain blissfully ignorant), friends and family members alongside the stony faced cleanup technicians, it’s a mix of pathos, curiosity and weirdness.

There is an element of car-crash voyeurism to it and it’s not quite the deep philosophical text it thinks it is, but it sidesteps descending into complete freak-show.

It’s hard to track down information on the film itself, and there is no trailer available. Even Clearway, one of the companies featured, makes no mention of it on their website. (The graphic advert they had banned by the ASA might have caused them to back away from explicit promotion of their services.)

If you’re in any way associated with this film or have a copy, please get in touch. We’d love to do a more in-depth review.

Below is Clearway’s promo video: No Job Too Big, No Job Too Awful. It contains footage from the film, and like the documentary itself, it’s not for the faint of heart.

Warning, this video contains the use of words like “seepage”

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