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One Flick Pony is a single-serving film & TV reviews website.

The Horse reviews cult classics and clunkers, latest cinema releases, streaming box sets and so on. It’s saddled and stabled by Jim Anthony.

The site started in late 2014. I’d been ill with some serious mental health problems, and was still recovering from a devastating breakdown. I hadn’t been able to write anything for years. I was a journalist of sorts in a former life, before my brain started to eat itself.

Previously I ran the horror movie website (and surprisingly popular Tumblr) Fuck Yeah Horror (RIP) with a few friends, but became jaded as the trend for pointless so-called “torture porn” horror continued. I’m pretty old fashioned and I like Good to triumph after sitting through 90 minutes of traumatic Evil happening to people. I don’t think a film is something to be endured, unless there’s a ray of hope at the end.

Hell, I can’t even watch Requiem for a Dream a second time, and that’s a magnificent piece of filmmaking. Though this is probably because it threatened to ruin my lifelong crush on Jennifer Connelly, with whom I fell in love after watching Labyrinth as a boy. (I also fell hopelessly in love with David Bowie at the same time, but that’s another story.)

As my condition worsened I couldn’t even keep my concentration through a whole film, so I lost another hobby that, like writing, I used to find pleasurable.

I’m gradually getting better. I can concentrate through a movie, and hopefully through this site I’ll be able to relax and learn to love writing creatively again.

I welcome guest contributions. Let me know via the contact box below if you’d like to be one. Please include an example of a film or TV review – once a journalist, always a journalist, and I remain quite fussy.  Soz. 😀

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    The Love Witch (2016) dir

    The Love Witch (2016) dir


    The Love Witch (2016) dir. Anna Biller

    Posting at stupid o'clock at night


Posting at stupid o’clock at night



    Posting at stupid o’clock at night!! Rick and morty print for Momocon. Come by and say hi!!!

    I tried to do a bunch of styles but the anime one is like some bizarre mix of Jojo and Yugioh oops

    SOURCE ACQUIRED! Thank you, Tumblr.

    "I like to dissect girls


“I like to dissect girls


    “I like to dissect girls. Did you know I’m utterly insane?”

    American Psycho (2000) dir. Mary Harron